When the Duke Political Review was founded in 2013 as Duke University's first undergraduate-run political publication, I was brought on as the magazine's Art and Layout Director.

I began by developing DPR's branding and logo while the editors-in-chief planned content for their first print issue, which was scheduled for release in the spring of 2014. We wanted the organization to have a bold but serious presence on campus from the start, which we accomplished through branding and determined outreach campaigns via email and social media. 

I designed the inaugural issue singlehandedly, with the constant feedback of the editors and writers to ensure that the design suited their content. I structured the magazine around a consistent layout and typographic system, which established the foundation on which we built future issues. The junior layout designers that joined the team for the second and third issues were trained to work with the existing system, so the layout stayed consistent though more designers were involved. I personally trained and supervised the new designers, so that the handoff would go smoothly when I graduated.

I directed 3 issues in total during my time with DPR, each between 40-48 pages.