This is a collection of direct mail campaigns that I created for EF Education First. I developed their concepts and strategies in addition to the design. 

Words: Julia Lynch

Your World, Upside Down

This campaign was developed in order to show our partner teachers that EF can provide valuable educational resources for their students. EF works to encourage students to develop a new perspective on the world by traveling, and we offered teachers a way to get their students to think about the world in a new way right in their classrooms. Teachers were able to request a free south-up world map that included a variety of different facts to challenge a point of view that is often taken for granted. 

Teachers Rock

Teachers and students in our network were invited to show appreciation for a teacher that had made a positive impression on them by sharing a story with us. Following the email and submissions, nominated teachers received a mailer that contained the actual trophy shown in the email, this time in gold so they could display it on their desks. 

Vimy 100 Welcome Kit

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and EF is organizing a huge event in Vimy, France to commemorate the occasion. To get participating teachers excited for their upcoming trip, I designed a box of goodies that would both prepare them for what's to come and increase their engagement about the event.