Me Too Monologues is an annual show held at Duke University that has grown to draw over 2000 attendees per year. Monologues about identity are submitted anonymously by members of the Duke community and are performed by Duke student actors. In 2014, I joined the production team as a designer and photographer. 

While the show had developed massively over the years, its image has lagged in terms of consistency and purpose. It was my goal to rehaul its visual identity for the 2015 show and to develop a system that could be used in future years.

First, I created a series of logos based on different people's handwriting to emphasize the show's commitment to preserving individuality and highlighting unique facets of the human experience. Then, we selected a poignant quote from each monologue to feature on a poster. The words superimposed on the actors' faces assert that the words come first. While the actors naturally become the face of the show, I felt that it was important to remind people that the show is truly about the words that anonymous authors bravely shared.